We offer you the complete package

  • Latest Technology
  • Hikvision certified
  • Complete Peace of Mind

Latest Technology

CCTV technology has advanced a great deal in recent years. At East Yorkshire CCTV (EYCCTV) we aim to leverage these technological advances. From new installations utilising technology such as ANPR and thermal imaging to updates of existing infrastructure, EYCCTV can be there to deliver an effective solution.

Hikvision Certified

  • Hikvision Authorised Value Added Solutions Provider (VASP Partner)
  • Hikvision Certified Security Associate (HCSA) Certification
  • (HCSA) Video Management Software (VMS)


Complete Peace of Mind

  • Option for telephone support and on site fixes if desired.
  • Offer training days for new staff.
  • Educate customers when significant new technologies arise.
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CCTV Installation East Yorkshire

East Yorkshire CCTV (EYCCTV) are able to bring together several key skills into a single flexible team. We have many years experience in commercial electrical installation, a combined 40 years of IT knowledge with a strong understanding of project management; A key principal of which is clear communication between the main stakeholders, primarily with the customer.